During the ninth and tenth week in GG-loop architecture office, we focused mostly on two important subjects – windows documentation of the “Freebooter” project and development of the new piece of furniture.

The first subject is intrinsically part of architecture discipline. This kind of documentation is very important and leaves no places for mistakes. Small inaccuracy in dimensions can cause huge loss later on a construction site, in case when ordered window will not fit in the wall opening, especially if the same element is used multiple times. Regarding architectural documentation necessary to build the project, the office should not forget about promotion.

Publication of updates and the most recent images and renderings is an important strategy. Therefore, we decided to prepare VR 360 visualization. To produce those updated renders we used the most recent digital model of the project and all new drawings of the interior prepared by one of the team members. After a couple days of work, visualizations were ready to be published.

The second task was related to the meeting with the furniture workshop from Paris. The meeting is supposed to be a discussion about already designed tables, but it is also great opportunity for the office to propose new projects. From the long time the idea to design a new chair for the table was in the back of our minds. We decided to finally make it happen. We started with an overall discussion about the object. The team led research in order to find references and clarify our goals. The chair is supposed to be coherent with the table which was designed as a composition of Voronoi cells. We are working on the form and materials at the moment. Soon the concept will be ready to present in Paris.




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