Report November – Lemongrass/ Lebenslauf-perfekt – Tim

The second month of my „Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs-Experience” has passed. So slowly, I got used to the Spanish life, the foreign language and culture. In addition, I got myself more and more into the daily “working-routine”, which does not mean that this is boring.

Also in the second month, my expectations could be fulfilled completely, because again I could learn a lot. So, I could continue to learn plenty of news about SEO. After spending more time analyzing the right keywords in the first month, the second month, I got to know the importance of backlinks, headlines, and blog entries for SEO. In the next month, I want to write a first blog article, which should bring my website in the Google ranking further up.

In addition, after a long time back and forth, ultimately, I was able choose a logo, which should reflect the name of my project. It was important to me that both, the “Lebenslauf (CV in German)” and the “Perfect”, can be found within the logo, which I think has done very well with the “L”, the “CV” and the “tick”.

On the other hand, I worked not only for my own project, I also helped to improve our customers websites regarding to technical terms of online marketing. At a start-up like Lemongrass-Media you are there from the scratch and have to do a lot of different tasks. So, it can happen that you suddenly have to help build up a new shelf. This, however, was the exception and most of the time I learned a lot of exciting things, which could be also very useful for my own project.


The final steps in the programme and in Pashmere – Ieva Linkutė

Well well well, it’s December and even though I can already smell the Christmas and holiday joy, one thing makes me sad – my stay in the company Pashmere has finished. But I am not crying, no no no, ‘cause I am bringing a huge luggage of knowledge and experience back home!

I have spent the final stage of the programme performing direct sales of the production for the B2C customers – this was a useful experience and sort of “final check” of all the lessons that I have learned about the production of Pashmere. It was so interesting not only to try, but also to succeed in selling the beautiful pieces of Pashmere garments. Loved that! 🙂

During the last month my mentor Gabriele and I have also spent respective time analysing and adjusting my business plan and idea itself – there are some very important decisions about all the process that I should follow in order to start my business and then to maintain it in Italy or in Lithuania ( we have analysed both possibilities, discussed pros and cons about both scenarios) in my “experience luggage”.

To sum up my six months stay in Italy, this programme had given me the valuable experience in running the business, about the specific fashion market, about knitting production and it’s sales, and in general, I have received lot of insights and suggestions from my mentor Gabriele Galatioto for the success of my business idea, so big thanks to you, Gabriele, and to all the programme!


Week 7 and 8 of my EYE in Almere – Alicja Kustosz

These two weeks were quite intense due to the deadline of the Hilversum competition. For the submission we created a booklet, to clearly present the design. The booklet contained floor plans, sections, elevation (facade) and renderings of the project. Together with a colleague I had the chance to work a bit on every part of the booklet, as there were many changes needed and introduced.

I worked also on the interior of the lobby – the visualization finally did not make it to the booklet because of the limited amount of time to work on it, however the design started to look promising.




It was interesting to see how quickly does the work go on in case of such a competition, and also how to prioritize the work – the floor plans for example were not as important in the final stages as the architectural look of the facades. The aim of the sections was to understand better the structure, so they were quite simple.

We also did a laser cut model, that main purpose was to work on the facades, as the submission of the work was digital. It helped to understand the volumes and structure.

The office uses the same template and fonts in all of their booklets and drawings. It is an important part of conducting an office, to create a clear and consistent visual identity. It was a chance for me to reflect also on the image I want to present with my future company. Not a lot is needed – the same look of the front page of the booklet, font and office logo, and it already looks recognizable.


Week 7 and 8 at GG-loop – Krzysztof Zinger

During the seventh and eighth week in GG-loop architecture office main focus of the team was directed towards delivering all required documentation to the builder. Intensive communication with engineers and constructors took place, coordination of the documentation delivered by other parties was very difficult. Everything was checked several times in order to avoid future problems on the construction site. The project enters next phase – construction. That means that the drawings produced from now on will be used to order all prefabricated elements of steel and wood construction. Also later on to execute entire building process. This kind of drawing is very detailed and not easy to produce.

Even though the “Freebooter” project consumes an incredible amount of time, studio still carries on other projects and activities. During those two week photo-session of the “Vibrio” sofa took place.
Sofas were transported to the top floor of the building. The photographer prepared equipment and came up with the ideas for the session. On the highest floor, we could count on the decent amount of natural light – very important during the session. To make photos more attractive a professional model posed on the sofa. The photographer tried to catch the spirit of the sofa’s design and show how comfortable it is. I think the photos came out great!


5th Report of my EYE in Athens. Week 9 & 10– Romeo Ierone

Good morning everybody!
Here we go for other two weeks of work here in Athens.
After the documentary days, we got back to the “normal” work of a record label, other projects have started and so, many other tasks had to be accomplished. I put commas for the word normal because nowadays life is not easy for this kind of business. Considering this it’s quite brilliant the idea that the people working here had to develop their business: producing audiobooks.

It was project started before my arrival and in these weeks got to a more practical level, which comprehends all the technicalities that have to be done in order to send the product to the international retailer. Because of that there was some work to be done not only for the audio but also for the text part of the book. I was glad to help in that because I have some experience with ebooks work and their formats.

As far as the music is concerned the label had two more releases these weeks and we’re working for one more to publish by the end of the year, hopefully. Just in these days I’ve been talking with the musician, author of the album, in order to realise a good artwork. Because of that, and to find a good concept I’ve been working with some graphic tools for discussing ideas and sketches, trying to get the best we can.

There’s plenty of work to be done but there’s also the hope the idea of involving all the musicians publishing for the label to record a new project. It’s still an idea but we hope to make it happen as soon as possible, it will be amazing!

Talking about life in Athens, also for changing a bit the theme of the pictures, I’m enjoying myself a lot here. There’s plenty of things to do here, but the most I feel more enthusiastic about , until now, were a sailing trip and, being a football fan, a champions league match at the Karaiskakis Stadium! And can’t wait to discover more!!!


My EYE in Jerez de la Frontera begun – Cosimo Lavorato

Two weeks have passed since my first day in the company, the company is called “Vintadecor SL” is located near the center of Jerez de la Frontera and deals with the realization of furniture for bars and restaurants, the creation of advertising material and management of various restaurants scattered throughout the Andalusian region. The core business of the companies is the catering sector.

From the first day I was welcomed with great willingness by the whole team, the first day I found in the office a blackboard with some words written in Spanish and the relative translation into Italian, this made me happy and made me understand that I had in front of nice and welcoming people.

Work in iron, the area where we work wood, the area dedicated to prints and finally the administrative offices; I met many people, a beautiful company and with a complex organization, in fact the company has about 200 employees, all this, every day, feeds my desire to learn new things.

In these two weeks I decided with the team to know the many aspects concerning the administration and organization of work, as the company is organized by sectors and each sector has its own manager; every day I joined a different sector manager to understand the organization of work. My activities are planned with the human resources officer, your name is Fran, a person available and prepared.

One of the many activities in which I took part was a course on work safety that takes place annually in which all employees participate. I’m excited about how things have gone so far, the time has flown away since Jerez de la Frontera is a new place for me and I’m getting a lot of information.