My EYE in Poland continues – Ojo Zamok

Brama theatre should be considered as a “social art research center”.
Different people from the community are meeting and work together.
There is the adult group, the youth group, two children groups, seniors, international EVS volunteers and the crew of the theatre (actors, technicians, people who are members of the financial aspect). Within the actors and the EVS volunteers there are workshops leaders that have the opportunity to develop their skills, by giving workshops and by participating in others workshops or creations.
Notice too that there are people from 7 differents nationality within the Brama crew.

These two last weeks have started with a full-time week-end with the adult group in a village outside Goleniow, Kalish Pomorska. The goal of this week-end was to unite the group, learn english and try to see what this group can do.
Is it a performance?
What kind?
Can they take part of some event? Doing what?
What are their skills, their wishes, their schedule, their flexibilities?

During this meeting we did learn to know each other better and I was invited two time to eat the next week and did also gave one english lesson.
I also met one of the children group, for the second time, that are also preparing a show.
During the second week-end we went in Brollin castle in Germany to talk about long term collaboration and develop a game with a artistic team of germans from Berlin, called the Worriors. I pass the weekend creating riddles, helping them to clarify and ground their ideas. Hopefully we had a brand new french-german volunteer that speaks perfect english to clarify communication between all of us.

The last week was less intense.
I still did participate to
– a contact-improvisation workshop led by the Ukrainian girlfriend of one of the EVS volunteer
– 7 meetings
– Cleaning the “corona” for the coming Macro-event
– Developping the tribe in mosty for the coming micro-event
– Rehearse a new show called Apotheosis
And I will attend to another ukrainian workshop during the weekend.

Yes, I believe that all those projects are helping the social community to develop and open their mind, by creating new links, meet foreigners, work on common projects, new challenges. It is also interesting to see that people that usually are not meeting can meet, communicate and create together.


My EYE in Brussels continues – Elisa Benetti

My past weeks at Bxl Europe Asbl were very intense and busy.
I continued to study the European funding programs. I was surprised by the considerable number of programs and sub-programs. I did not even imagine how a European call would actually works. I’m still trying to orient myself in this context, but my colleagues have reassured me by telling me that it’s normal and that it’s all about so much practice and experience.
I’m focusing mainly on the Horizon 2020 program because one of the biggest project we’re following now, is about renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.
But I already know that the next focus area will be Erasmus plus and mobility projects.

In the meantime we’re coordinating other two projects very interesting. One is in the social economy field and it’s about creating a competitive networking for all social enterprises in order to help them sharing best practicies. The other one is about sustainibility reporting in addition to the economic balance, a new practice for companies to think about their business model.
We still keep going with networking activities and we have had other conferences in which my host enterprenures had their speech time speaking about European funds.
In my freetime, I’m still keep going on with my french course that give me more chance to be able to communicate in different contexts, work and not, and my belgian friends are really kind and constantly encourage me speaking french.

In these last weeks I had the opportunity to go to many events in Belgium! First the museum night fever, an amazing experience visiting museums until 2am! Moreover I went to the Affordable Art Fair (contemporary art fair) and to Tefaf (another modern art fair) in Maastricht passing by Liège, a small nice village in the south of Belgium. Brussels and in general Belgium is really full of cultural and interesting events!
There’s always something new to do, to visit, to learn, people to know and many cities to discover!


First report of my EYE in the UK – Maria Ivanov

It has been a great start and a very nice 2 weeks in Derby, at Baby People. During this time I got to meet a very dynamic and team, who brings to the city a new approach to education, to music and other art forms.
It is very exciting to learn more about the main current projects of the organisation, to meet all the staff, to observe the management of the office and to gradually integrate into the workflow. It is also very inspiring to start learning from the HE, Baby J, about the journey of the organisation, the motivation behind, and about the value that it brings on so many different levels.

I am very much looking forward to the next months of the programme, to learn and to grow, and to immerse into the British culture.


First two weeks of my EYE in London – Giovanni Torrese

The welcoming was fantastic. I can not say the same about the travelling due to the snow the plane could not land in London therefore we stopped for a while in Brussels and then luckily we headed back to London! (a travel of 10 hours !!!!)
Straight away the evening I met my colleagues. I had dinner with them and Michela Ferrara introduced me into the atmosphere of London and NICOLAARTS.UK (a bit of relax!).
These two weeks just flew by.
Michela introduced me to the management of NICOLAARTS.UK and therefore I was able to participate / work with her. I understood how she organises the work, creates the working groups, defines the goals. Each activity has a plan and its on-line database shared between the working group. Wherever you are you can work, share and monitor how the work is evolving.

The Talent Factory project is a central project for NICOLAARTS.UK and many activities revolve around it. This organisation seemed to me very interested.
At the beginning it was not easy for me to understand the organisation and management of NICOLAARTS.UK. After two weeks everything is much clearer thanks to frequent meetings.
The meetings with Michela and her colleagues are very numerous, much more than those planned. This allows me to compare my idea with other ideas, to correct any errors and reflect on what I want to do.
I started to understand that the Communication Management is of great importance for NICOLAARTS.UK, it is the center of management.

All of this is precious to me because in this way I can imagine / plan my business idea by adapting all this to the context in which I intend to develop it.
The daily confrontation with her, her explanations, her advice, the work with my colleagues is filling the database I’ve created to record this experience.
Although only two weeks have passed, I can say that Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a fantastic and very important program for those who want to field their business idea.


2nd report of my EYE in Portugal – Maurizio Lalinga

In these two weeks we have been working on the marketing area with focus on external marketing.
They showed me how they pursued the advertising campaign during the initial phase. It was not easy
because they first had to explain to the local workers the meaning of the “cowork space”. For this
reason, they implemented an advertising campaign through the internet, local newspapers and
advertising posters on the street, making use of images with texts for pedagogical use to explain what
they were doing.

Furthermore, we started working on marketing strategy, using facebook in particular, but also
using external sites such as:;, etc.


First report of my EYE in Brussels – Vincenza Varvara

The first 2 weeks with Partners in Bespoke have been very intense and interesting, a full-immersion in the Made-to-measure world. I met my HE and he welcomed me at the office. The other staff members are very nice and have a helpful attitude to assist me and the others colleagues with our work. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed. The place of work is divided in different areas: there are a showroom, a tailoring, a fabrics warehouse and an office area.
My HE explained me the enterprise’s development, experiences and missions and then made me an overview of task priorities in order to start with the preparation of the program.

In the first week I have started to study and learn a lot about brands that they handle and supply to the customers, fabrics and several collections, in particular about Scabal, their largest brand. Every fabric is of high quality and value. I learned about the raw materials, the fabric’s weight, the spinning and the different types of weaving. I could see and touch every fabric, to know better its material, design and pattern.

In the second week I focused on studying the procedures about the promotion, distribution and sourcing. I analyzed better the luxury fabric collections and their past promotional campaign. In the meantime Benjamin gave me some tasks to do like checking some suppliers, their catalogues and websites and then setting up all informations obtained in their folders. Another task was to help the project manager for quality control to test some fabrics and prove their quality. I took videos and pictures about testing. Very interesting.
The project is taking shape and I am very enthusiastic about it.