It’s already six weeks I’m here in Valencia and I’m impressed by the amount of things I’ve already learned: we had a second video schedule for this month (you can see the production going in the picture!) and we finished it in half the time it took to finish the first video, and the quality was as good as the first video we made, if not better! This was possible thanks to the continuous improvements I had in my workflow: I’ve learned how to proper manage a video project in the most efficent way possible, re-name each clip, follow the story we had in mind and take care of the shooting schedule in the smallest details.

All this while keeping in mind the main objective, which is attract potential customers from a specific target we’ve already set in the past weeks.

We had another project scheduled for this month but we shift our attention to more important things in the hierarchy and this brings me to another thing I’ve learned: it’s really important to have a plan and shedule the activities in advance, but the most important thing is follow the market and the need of the company: don’t stick too much with the original plan if there’s a need for change! being polyvalent is one of the most important quality an entrepreneur can have.

The city is full packed with tourists and see the city centre so full of life does bring joy to the daily commute; the weather is amazing and la Malvarrosa (the beach) is a must-visit place during the weekend!




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