That’s the picture from a building site in Graça, Lisbon.
A mix of an ancient construction with the overlapping of the new architecture: the main goal of the contemporary architectural practices in Portugal, as the Nuno’s one.
The atelier is designing a lot of buildings located in different Lisbon neighbourhoods;
from the small scale to the larger ones.
That’s a great occasion to see different projects and to help young Nuno’s collaborators in different tasks: from the concept to to construction design.
Enjoying different tasks, during the first month, it means going inside different problems but, above all, it means collaborating with different people.
That’s a perfect process to understand the workflow of the practice for those who coming from outside and to be able to be a part of the atelier in thirtys days.
Working head to head with different architects (also with different education) and solving problems together without a vertical hierarchy, it means find smart design solutions.




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