The third month has been a very busy month in which we have closed several European projects but above all, I have had the opportunity to deepen the whole part of economic management.

Factoria Cultural is a company born a few years ago but has already been recognized in Spain as one of the leading players in the sector of Creative and Cultural Industries. This is a growing sector all over Europe and only in Spain, the whole sector produces about 3.5% of GDP and proves to have great potential for growth. The important thing that I have noticed in this period is that, despite the fact that there are not very many public money invested in this sector, there is an increase in the public’s interest in this sector. The latter is creating ideal conditions to allow investment in this new and rapidly growing sector.

With this in mind, Factoria Cultural faces the challenge of creating new offices in several Spanish cities. Over the years, the hub model born in Madrid has been consolidated and has become very attractive for other Spanish administrations, especially in Andalusia, the province of Valencia and Catalonia. Therefore I was fortunate to work directly with the technical director and the accounting department. This month I did a very complex and important job, creating a single excel document summarizing a series of accounting documents. This spreadsheet should also be a useful tool for defining all the strengths and weaknesses of the current business model. I did the work under the constant supervision of the technical director who followed me at every stage and helped me get the job done.[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4821,4822,4823″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”300″ height=”300″ title=”never”]

This work was important to me because it allowed me to understand thoroughly and with numbers in hand, which programs were the most efficient and which were the least. They allowed me and all the members of the company to have a document that summarized costs and revenues in a single document that was as essential as it was important. Above all, it analyzed in percentage the time each employee used and how much this time he rendered.





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