Work in a photographic studio in Italy is going very well. Clients are coming; we are organizing consultations, photo sessions, and personal sales. We are ordering prints and other products and then preparing packages. I still work quite a lot with recording and editing videos from photo sessions of Martyna and retouching photos.

And in the meantime, my private photographic achievement in Poland appeared, even though I am physically not there! In the Polish newsagents, you can find the autumn issue of the Make Up Trendy magazine, and my beauty editorial inside! I am very proud of all of my photographs that were published in print in this magazine. We organized this particular session just before I left Poland for my Erasmus experience. From several years I have been collaborating with one make-up artist from my hometown, regularly organizing beauty photo sessions there. It would be a pity, if we cannot manage with creating something new for the winter issue, because of my stay abroad. In this regard… my make-up artist will come here, to visit me in Rome! I am very happy about her arrival and now we are discussing the style of the session and the looks that she wants to show. I’m preparing mood-boards and looking for models. It’s going to be a great creative time! And probably we will do together those photographs in Rome locations, that I had already planned some time ago. We still have a few weeks until her arrival to set up all the details… I look forward to this and cannot wait when I’ll be able to show the final result!

As a business owner, you can never stay in place. You have to keep track of all the trends and innovations in business, to observe your competitors, but also to remember about regular education. You can be very good, but if you do not refresh your knowledge, you will easily fall into the routine… That is why education is very important. Now, using the Internet, you can easily learn even from your home or office. Lots of things can be done online. Martyna has just bought an access to the latest in-person sales techniques online course. For her, it like refreshing her knowledge and picking up something new from the experience of other photographers, who made this course. But for me, it is a huge load of new information. I’m very happy, that assisting here in the studio, not only I can learn from her, attending live sales sessions with clients, but I also have the access to this external training. The in-person sale is a quite new topic for me, something that I heard a lot before, but I’ve never incorporated this in my own work. It’s definitely the part that I would love to bring into my workflow when I will open my own photographic portrait studio.









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