Two weeks have passed since my first day in the company, the company is called “Vintadecor SL” is located near the center of Jerez de la Frontera and deals with the realization of furniture for bars and restaurants, the creation of advertising material and management of various restaurants scattered throughout the Andalusian region. The core business of the companies is the catering sector.

From the first day I was welcomed with great willingness by the whole team, the first day I found in the office a blackboard with some words written in Spanish and the relative translation into Italian, this made me happy and made me understand that I had in front of nice and welcoming people.

Work in iron, the area where we work wood, the area dedicated to prints and finally the administrative offices; I met many people, a beautiful company and with a complex organization, in fact the company has about 200 employees, all this, every day, feeds my desire to learn new things.

In these two weeks I decided with the team to know the many aspects concerning the administration and organization of work, as the company is organized by sectors and each sector has its own manager; every day I joined a different sector manager to understand the organization of work. My activities are planned with the human resources officer, your name is Fran, a person available and prepared.

One of the many activities in which I took part was a course on work safety that takes place annually in which all employees participate. I’m excited about how things have gone so far, the time has flown away since Jerez de la Frontera is a new place for me and I’m getting a lot of information.






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