I started my exchange at Wedowe in Eindhoven on 30th of April and it will end on 31st of July. Doing three intense months of exchange.

First of all I will love to explain the concept of Wedowe and what they do. Wedowe is a non-profit organization that supports social projects in their creation phase, in their execution phase and in their impact reporting phase. They also work as a communication company. And always with the objective of make people take action to make a better world.
I develop and work on different tasks, from video editing to production from the beginning to the end of a project. I help them with all the tasks I am able to do. I have a lot of freedom and support to create and innovate new projects or make them on my way.
Wedowe is a small startup company with a concrete objective to achieve. They work mostly with interns and volunteers who wants to help them to make this world a better place for all. From my business point of view taking into account my intention of been an entrepreneur soon, is nice to be in a small startup to learn the first important steps of built a company. I see an celebrate their victories but also their mistakes.

This experience is giving me a lot of knowledge about how to own a company and make it bigger step by step. It is a great opportunity and I recommend it to all.