Another month is gone and now only two months are left!
During the last month I’ve been busy with a mobility project belonged to Erasmus + that involved an italian scholar group visiting Brussels.
Firstly, I’ve booked all the visits to the European Institutions and during the month I had the chance to visit them with the scholar group. We visited the European Commision, theCouncil of European Union, the Committee of Regions and the Social and Economic Committee and the European Parliament. I consider myself very lucky for that chance because it gave to me the opportunity to be inside the institutions and understand how does each department works. The officials and all the staff is really kind and available for any kind of questions and this made the visit interesting and interactive. We’ve also prepared the trainee program to be subjected to the group and it concerned teamwork activities in the field of EU funds.
In the meantime we had many skypecall and meetings with old and new clients interested in finding funds for their ideas of project.
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4945,4946,4947,4948,4949,4950,4951″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never”] Some of this new contacts came out thanks to several networking activities at the European Parliament, with European Officials and other networking events (networking cocktail exc..).
I had also time to exploit the rare sunny days here in Brussels, going to some cute park like Tenbosch and Laeken and in this way I discovered how much Belgian people love to go to the park every time there is sun!
I also went to Knokke, a famous sea place, exploiting sun, hot temperatures and nice weather! From Knokke, the Netherland’s border is so close! So I went to see also the Netherland nice!
Bruxelles is a really strategic city because in two hours you can reach many metropolitan cities such as Paris, London and Amsterdam. This month I went to London for three days to visit my favourite galleries and breath the athmosphere of another cosmopolitan city.

This last weekend instead, I had the chance to put in practice my knowledge in history of arts and cultural heritage being the guide of the scholar group we’re following, and taking them to visit Gand, a small and beautiful city located on the north between Bruxelles and Bruges.
In Bruxelles time is flying and I wish to have time to visit all the other amazing cities and be involved in the many cultural events the city have organized for this summertime!




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