The last few weeks have been very intense.
School Raising, the italian NGO of which Guglielmo is co-founder, organize an atypical tour around the city of Berlin and a Design Thinking Workshop for the High School Italina Student: the Social Innovation Tour.

The students have the possibility to visit some of the most importants Social Companies of the city, that have grown thanks to cooperation between people and which now have a great importance for the community.

The workshop, also, gives all the tools to understand how these companies have now success, it’s a new training experience that help the young students expectations. A simple way to introduce them in the new work world, and
explain them what really is a young company, where the new ideas born and how develop them.

I had the task to be a “buddy” for them and take pictures of all the activities they have had during the weeks. And also I had the possibiliy to learn something thanks to this project.

We visited reality like Tesserae, a platform to connect critical multidisciplinary research, education, art, communication and project development in the urban, territorial and social fields, Houzz, the online community about architecture, interior desing and home improvement, or UFA Fabrik, an ex commune today centre of the cultural activities for the Berliners.

With me the some classes of the High School of Acireale, students full of enthusiasm and really satisfied of this experience.

Yesterday started my last two weeks here in Berlin. I have conflicting feeling in this moment, I want to come back home and at the same time I want to stay here.
Let see, at least I’m really happy that the weather is getting better now!




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