I started my EYE at BRND WGN in Naxxar (Malta) on 1st of June. Naxxar is a city in central north of Malta with a population of about 13.000 people. The hosting entreprise is an advertising agency, with a strong brand consultancy arm, a distinct dash of design style, a great passion for social media, viral ads and digital marketing. I joined their PR department.

During the first month I started being introduced to BRND WGN clients. From the beginning, I joined every meeting the team organised to set the strategy and people with lots of experience were happy to listen to my ideas. I also joined meetings with clients, and it was great how experienced people face clients and how they propose them new ideas and projects.

After the first month, a new client arrived. It has been the best opportunity to follow the process from the beginning. The client is a foundation involved in several research programmes, they used organize weekly meetings to set and monitor PR strategies and they were really open-minded, accepting enthusiastically new PR ideas.

At BRND WGN I spent great time, being the working environment really informal perfect to let everybody express their talent. The average age in the office is around 30 and everybody is passionate, professional and helpful. At BRND WGN the team building has a crucial importance, there are common spaces where it’s possible to socialize and relax. Furthermore, every last Friday of the month employees go out all together to drink something and to talk each other.


To sum up, it was a great experience, I learnt a lot, I improved my skills and I worked in a beautiful environment.





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