1st Week (from 08/06 to 06/14/2015)

During the first week of trading, the activities carried out together with Stefano Embriaco (Elfood General manager), aimed to know the staff and the weekly cycle of activities of the company.

In detail, in addition to know the company’s staff and their tasks, the week has been focused on the product knowledge through the application of Directive 2000/13 / EC, which regards the ingredients indication of the present in the products.
Together with Stefano we gave a look to the product list in order to check if within the label there were all the data required by the Directive, preparing then a file containing all the necessary information and using it to put the correct information where not present.
This allowed me to become familiar with all products, know their origin and characteristics that make these high-quality products attractive in foreign markets.
In this first week I was able to learn the tastes and needs of the same target customers I am interested in, for my BP.
During these days, in addition to the activity listed above, I managed to observe the warehouse management, the disposition of products, requirements for their conservation, management of deadlines that fresh food is subject to, the treatment they receive from their arrival until delivery to the consumer. There are many different processes for each product in order to guarantee high freshness and quality.

2nd Week (15/06 to 06/21/15)

The activities of the second week had as its object, as well as the deepening on products, the familiarization with customers.
Together with Alberto Scaduto (ElFood AD), we met some chefs, managers and staff members of restaurants ElFood provides. During the meetings, we discussed about the importance of having high-quality products, to maintain an high customer standard.
Besides food, the discussions focused on the internal organization of each activity, the relationship between managers and employees and the behavior that they must have with the final consumer.
Through these meetings, I had the chance to understand that every restaurant does not limit itslef to sell and supplygood food, along with that, they sell an idea and a style as well.
They do that with the care of the location, furnishings, colors, scents, music etc. inside., Factors that the customer perceives when they enter the restaurant and that in most cases influence their returns, and increases the factor loyalty between customer and restaurant.
Another important factor is the staff, a factor that all the professionals I’ve met and the same Alberto S., commonly stressed the importance of the human factor.

Personal considerations:

After these first two weeks, I can say I have “broken the ice” with the OE, with the personnel and its business.
My mentor, Alberto together with others have been willing not only with regard to exchange activities but also for all those chores typical of those who moved abroad.
The information learned in this first period are extremely important, both for the rest of the trading period and for my future work as an entrepreneur.





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