This week with Luis Vaya Gonzales and his team was really special. It was my last week in Spain with the Erasmus project for entrepreneurs and he also got married. And I made the wedding photos on that special day.

I’m happy to have taken pictures of Luis and his wife. It was a beautiful wedding and I worked for the first time totally alone in a wedding and for this reason I am very happy. I now have a lot of confidence in my skills and my work thanks to Luis and this project.

For their wedding I wanted to give him a photographic section: a post wedding.

We went to a beautiful beach where we made incredible photographs. Surely I will use these photos for my website and on my social networks.

In my last week Luis gave me confidence and I worked alone and he as a second photographer. Because from today I will start my business alone. For this reason I take the pictures a nice couple of two guys Adrian and Alvaro and at the last wedding.

I liked to take these photos. They were a very nice couple .

My last day in this company I was in a Amanda and Gaby’s wedding with Luis and other photographer.

It has been an exciting day with two lovely and very beautiful young couples. I will remember this boda. I was very happy for the pictures but I was very sad because this was my last day in Spain.

My last spanish wedding …

But in the future with him we hope to work together for some collaboration here or in Italy

Photo booth – In the Last wedding with Luis and his collaborator

This was the most beautiful work experience of my life.

Erasmus for entrepreneurs is a wonderful project. I have traveled, met new people, learned Spanish, met a new talented entrepreneur, new photographers, videomakers and new contacts and future collaborators. I am a professional now and for this I am very happy. Now I go back to Italy and I want to start my business.




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