My experience in Vibe TV began in the beginning of September, precisely on 7th September. The entreprise is based in a studio located in Waterfront Museum of Swansea.
The team is formed by 7 persons (2 administrative officers and 5 cinematographers and editors).
Vibe TV is en entreprise active since 7 years in Swansea (one of the most important city of Wales). The company provides video production services and professional photographic works tailored for any request.

vibe tv-francesco lapacciana

The studio is divided in 3 big spaces: an administrative area where business meetings take place; a video/photographic studio with green screen, lights for multicamera works and editing rooms, with all the computer and screen essential for edit and store all the shooting made.
The company provide services not only in video sector ,but also in audio broadcast. For example every monday a musical group, from Wales mainly, comes to make a short concert broadcast live.


What I’m learning with this company, apart from the enormous knowledge of audio/video making, is the important of link and connection with other companies. Infact, most of the works made by Vibe TV are linked with other small companies not only of the same field but also turistic field, services and monumental too.
Economically, Swansea is a small city that is growing thanks to a lot of small companies involved in communication and services; particularly important is the turistic branch that is rapidly growing during the last year.
For me and especially for my business project, it is really important to see how a similar business can work and which are the the problems to face.




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