The welcoming was fantastic. I can not say the same about the travelling due to the snow the plane could not land in London therefore we stopped for a while in Brussels and then luckily we headed back to London! (a travel of 10 hours !!!!)
Straight away the evening I met my colleagues. I had dinner with them and Michela Ferrara introduced me into the atmosphere of London and NICOLAARTS.UK (a bit of relax!).
These two weeks just flew by.
Michela introduced me to the management of NICOLAARTS.UK and therefore I was able to participate / work with her. I understood how she organises the work, creates the working groups, defines the goals. Each activity has a plan and its on-line database shared between the working group. Wherever you are you can work, share and monitor how the work is evolving.

The Talent Factory project is a central project for NICOLAARTS.UK and many activities revolve around it. This organisation seemed to me very interested.
At the beginning it was not easy for me to understand the organisation and management of NICOLAARTS.UK. After two weeks everything is much clearer thanks to frequent meetings.
The meetings with Michela and her colleagues are very numerous, much more than those planned. This allows me to compare my idea with other ideas, to correct any errors and reflect on what I want to do.
I started to understand that the Communication Management is of great importance for NICOLAARTS.UK, it is the center of management.

All of this is precious to me because in this way I can imagine / plan my business idea by adapting all this to the context in which I intend to develop it.
The daily confrontation with her, her explanations, her advice, the work with my colleagues is filling the database I’ve created to record this experience.
Although only two weeks have passed, I can say that Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a fantastic and very important program for those who want to field their business idea.




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