My first two weeks with Andy have been great. I’ve learned a lot of things that I couldn’t imagine from a personal trainer boutique. I’ve particeped in all his management decisions and I start to understand his business philosophy. Each week is planned carefully in order to give more importance to personal trainers 1vs1 than group classes. I started performing the group classes that I really enjoyed, the clients are very nice, even if I prefer to dedicate attention on one client because the physical conditions of each client are too different that sometimes when we reach the maximum number (7 persons per class) its not so easy to follow and correct properly everyone. We decided to do every last Saturday of the month a class of Zumba or Pilates for new and old clients, and the first one that I did of Zumba was great, clients were all females that enjoyed it a lot and we have very positive feedback about the class.

I assisted Andy with his Personal trainer 1vs1 and was interesting to see another approach.
For my host would be hard to concentrate only in training people. So, he spreads his time and knowledge to other sport services such as selling equipment, machines, supplements, he also designs fitness areas for Hotels. All this helps him cover the cost of staff, rent, taxes…
We decided that now that I feel more comfortable I’ll concentrate also on marketing and sells the next weeks.
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