During my first week as Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, I discovered the company in which I realize my exchange: CHERUBINA.
At first, I thought that the company’s offices were in a large open-space office where several companies live together. It is quite different. I arrived the first day and I was surprised to realize that my host company were located in a business park dedicated to companies in the field of fashion: “Parque empresarial arte sacro” at the north of the city.

PEAS (Parque Empresarial Arte Sacro Sevilla) is an area made of blocks. In each of these blocks, a company carries out its activity: Goldsmithery, fashion … The advantage that these blocks offer is a large workspace in which it is possible to have several workshops and especially: Centralize the company. CHERUBINA operates in one of these blocks and has two workshops: A workshop dedicated to hat-making and the other is dedicated to the design of dresses, skirts …

Figure 1 : Entry of PEASS

Figure 2 : Architecture of PEASS

In general, the company is divided into 4 distinct areas:

    1. The haute couture workshop: Making evening dresses, bridal dresses, trousers, tops…

Figure 3 : Fabric cut table of the haute couture workshop

Figure 4 : Haute couture workshop

2. Hat-making workshop

Figure 5 : Hat-making workshop

Figure 6 : Hat-making workshop

3. Reception of clients / standard and fitting room

Figure 7 : Fitting room

Figure 8 : Reception of clients

4. Marketing Office / Web Design / Sales and After Sales Service / Creation …

Figure 9 : The office in which I work

I evolve in a universe entirely dedicated to fashion. When we cross the doors of PEASS, we enter a world of creation and I really like this environment.
By the end of September, we will have accomplished all the commitment:
1. Discovering the company, its organizational structure and the team

2. Translate the whole site into French language
I translated more than 250 product sheets.
During the last week of September, I will finish translating the main pages of the website: www.cherubina.com
3. Know how the connection between the different departments works: production, Logistic (storage, distribution of the products), R & D, Administration, Marketing strategies, community management methods, Sales…

4. Create and begin the development of a French community on social networks (Facebook, Instagram…)
We will put in place the various social networks of Cherubina France during the last week of September (24 to 28), as soon as I will have finished the complete translation of the website.
During the month of September, my mentor helped me on my business by giving me advices regarding:
1. Improvement of my website (modification of the home page + creation of a presentation video of my company)

2. Targeting on Facebook.

3. Modify some of my video ads.
Ana is listening and does not hesitate to give me advices on the different elements that I have to change. She and the whole Cherubina team helped me in some translations and for the specific haute couture vocabulary.




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