I am finally on Langeland, living probably one of the best experience of my professional Life.
This so waiting opportunity started the 12th of february.
I am beetwen Rudkøbing and Lindelse in Sabine Majus workshop.

Sabine is a real artist.
First of all, her work is the creation of jewels in gold and silver. She works also with other matériels, like wood, stones, paper.. She can create something beautiful from anything!
That´s why I would not call her only a goldsmith, but an artist. The specificity of her style is the combination of silver with 24 kt gold.
In addition to that, a perfect harmony beetwen rough and délicate. In her workshop different techniques are used: sandcast, ossosepiacast, enamel, reticulere, etc. What makes her work and inspirations rich is also the sea, and all the elements you can find in it. Her workshop looks like a fairytale: it smells like sweet wood.
The boutique is on two levels with big windows. On the ground floor there are on the left side the showcases with her creations, then on the other side and in the background there are the working tables; Two for jewels and one special for the enamel.
About the first floor, there are some more showcases, installations and the aquarel workshop. It really looks like a gallery because on every wall and in each corner we can see a piece of art. So precious details!
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4562,4563,4561,4560,4559,4551,4550,4549,4548,4547″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never”] Next to the workshop, there is another big room where are the biggest machines;
In the middle of that room there are 10 seats for people who would like to have some lessons or professional help for their creations and ideas.
We started our project two days late because Sabine was sick. We began with the organisation of our schedule for the first week end. Sabine was part of an event in Bagenkop, in the south of the island, organised by another Langeland´s artist call Hans Kjær; engaged in projects in Africa especially for Art2change.
They were leading few art workshops with children, teenagers, parents, etc. The topic of the day was Rasmus Klump ( danish cartoon from 50’s)
Building boat in wood, painting the boat, realizing figures of the cartoon with clay. In Bagenkop harbor, there is a turist attraction about Rasmus Klump; his red boat called Mary where people can go in and see through the floors windows under the water.
There is a good connection beetwen the artists, they cooperate in many projects.

Our week-end was full in the lab because Sabine hosted two girls for jewels workshop. Nice initiative, people pay the trainer and the material they use to make their favorite jewels.
For the next two weeks we have been planning and discussing many topics.
Sabine showed me how it works the webshop. It is very exciting to hear the stories about her ideas, her logo, etc.
All the elements we need for the creation of a website; name, logo, design, a story to tell, passions, interests and of course a product. A collection.
We are making a Common work on a new collection with something I brought from Italy. A nail. It is a big chance to see how it works from the beginning till the end. To realise an idea, to write the concept, to believe in it and the marketing around.
So, i think for this february the technique is the sandcast.

Sabine is also part of another project in Langeland. The art towers. It is about 12 old elecricity towers that are now dedicated to host an installation of a painter/sculptor. They renovate and change the tower each 5 years.
I am gonna end this first part explaining why Denmark.
It is a wonderful country. We really should see it to understand the deepness offered by the landscapes. I felt in love years ago, and now I am completely sure about it ! Life there is very quiet, seems healthy, and the sea wind is something different. Right now it is cold, and we have snow but soon will be spring time. I can’t wait!!

Thanks for the opportunity.




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