School Raising

Two more weeks have passed. During this time, I have continued to set up the questionnaires for the stakeholders in crowdfunding campaigns (students, teachers, companies and others organizations). These are essentials for School Raising‘s social impact evaluation: they will provide important data to set the Social Return on Investment matrix. Since it is a dynamic analysis (every day I find something new to consider), the questionnaires are subject to frequent changes.

Since the beginnig of July, I have the support of Andrea, the new intern at School Raising. He studies Public Administration at Bocconi University in Milan and he’s helping me with structuring indicators and financial proxies. In this phase, his skills on the matter are very important to combining qualitative and quantitative approaches and completing all the steps of the SROI analysis.

Our goal for the next weeks is to set up definitively the questionnaires and fill in the matrix. I think we are doing a good job and hopefully we are going to start the next step of the project by the end of July.

Roberto Sassi




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