My exchange started on 30/12/2021, lasted 4 months and is coming to an end. Even before I left, I started imagining what it would be like if I was approved. Fortunately, it happened and that’s when I started building expectations for the exchange. Of course, the goal of the whole program was to develop my skills, be part of the business field and have a more solid base to start my own business.

And again luckily, I got everything and more. I met a lot of successful and motivated people. People who don’t stop developing and building their future. I received a lot of useful advice, opinions, recommendations and guidance.

In the beginning I was very unsure of myself, then it changed gradually. I started to learn different conversation tactics and how to approach different people and their preferences. With my Host Entrepreneur worked on different situations, how to act, express myself, see possible problems and therefore find a solution for them. I became much more motivated because I felt more ready for my big start.

For sure, every project we worked on and all the tasks and exercises helped me to learn everything I needed , to be an entrepreneur.

Despite the anxiety I felt in the beginning, I tried to be as helpful as possible to the Host Entrepreneur as well. I showed my capabilities, knowledge and potential. I showed my ways of working and what I have learned and mastered in my experience.

The four months of exchange are going by quite quickly. When time is filled to the maximum, it passes very quickly. I gained experience that I might not have been able to with many months of work. I received special treatment and attention focused on my development. It is not only a program, but a tremendous and enjoyable experience that opens many doors. I would certainly recommend the program to any young and driven person looking to enter the business field. My exchange ends on 27/04/2022 and I am already starting to feel nostalgic about the memories I created here. I hope more and more people discover this program and jump into this adventure.




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