I am very happy to be part of the Young Entrepreneurs Programme. After two months, I already know that the programme has exceeded my expectations. Every day I am acquiring new skills and gaining experience.
My name is Kacper, I am fascinated by communication and the culture that connects to different parts of life. I love skateboarding, not just riding, but the culture that is created around it. I believe that passions create real communities and are a very important part of life.
From this belief, my idea to set up a digital agency focused on broadly passionate industries originated. Since every business needs advertising, why not focus on the ones that elevate people’s lives as much as the ones within which we can share our hobbies?
Oscar, my host, runs a surf school. The people working here are very talented, sharing a common love of catching waves and spreading this passion to others. I have been welcomed very warmly to the team, my opinion counts and I can really grow.
From video recording and editing, to communication strategies and the development of cultural and language skills, every day is full of challenges that make me gain the experience and confidence necessary for a young entrepreneur.
I cannot express how much I have already gained from the programme and how my thinking about running my own business has changed (for the better and without many fears!). I am ready for more tasks and want to give 100% of myself in return for the care and support I have received here.



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