My journey started on December 28th and will end on April 28th. Time flies and it has been 2 months out of 4 of my stay in the Canary Islands. It is an amazing place here, full of beauty and comfort. For the progress we have made so far I can say that both me and my host are very happy with this exchange. Every day I am enriching my knowledge, developing my skills and I am starting to feel more ambitious and ready to start my own company. I feel incredible and enriched when I am in an environment of ambitious and successful people and this has a positive impact on my confidence.

We follow the activity plan and the results are pretty good and present. In the beginning, I spent a lot of time with the entrepreneur so I could get to know his business better and was part of workshops and business meetings with potential clients. In the second month we focused more on practical document work – arrangement of documents, recording of accounting operations when processing sales and purchase invoices, adjusting accounting items to reflect cash flows, reparation of accounting statements, etc.

Throughout the process of working on documents, HE always guides me and if I make a mistake helps me to find my mistake and how to correct it. Along with this, he shares about his experience, the steps and stages he has gone through and his development till today. It encourages me that every beginning is difficult, but the more work and effort we put in and have the desire for new knowledge, the difficult will last a shorter time. Along with the tasks, I am also working on my business plan and how to make it more successful. It’s exciting to be part of the daily life of a businessman and successful person.

The next few months will focus more effectively on my business plan and a possible future partnership with HE.

The whole experience is a great cultural and personal development and growth. Besides the knowledge you can gain and the personal qualities you can develop, you have the opportunity to be part of a completely different culture, which brings out the beauty and charm of this place.

The whole program is an amazing opportunity and I would recommend any aspiring person to give it a try because you can only build on it.




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