First impressions at Studio Tomás Saraceno

My first day at the Studio Tomás Saraceno, on the first of March was profound, being shown around the studio, realising the huge size of the artists complex. A production team door-to-door with the architecture studio, a content/ graphical team on the floor above and the workshop just across the garden of the studio. Painting spaces, sculptures, tools of the creative utilities in great quantities. These are to me lovely sights, signs of free flow in the professional practise.

The primar thing that hit me was the communication and the developed connectivity between the different departments, seemingly making the artistic complex and the people working, not only working but collaborating, and in an extremely professional way. I experience quick wits amongst my colleges, same as capacities for leading initiatives, and impressive abilities to solve problems.

The pace is high and due to the small scale architectural production all the projects made seem very close in terms of time and space. If you draw an object one week, the next week it can stand ready in the workshop, or being shown in the print-outs. But this doesnt mean its ready just because you see it physically.

The studio lead expression I would say is learning by doing for sure, allowing mistakes to occur in the workflow and learning from them. The pieces made are called try-outs. This is a very commonly used word within the studio and I myself have noticed this to effect my way in seeing the creative process and its outcomes.

Creative process – In what way then?
Well, to examplify: through my architectural education I have more or less been scared of the 3D computer programs, that it is to steer me in my design, I didn’t see it as a tool for me. This experience helps me to see its great connection to the hands-on world. It has taught me to think of how to delegate various tasks, when to use my hands, my mind and the computer. It is a part of the toolbox kit of not only the architect, but for the several creative sectors. It is a powerful communication instrument.

The computer aided design is a tool for me, a service. It is actually very effective, in terms its ways allowing testing your design, and test it again in iterations before the final outcome. I think I have always understood its value in relation to the creative process, theoretically, but this time there is a will to convert theory into praxis. The studio as a collective truly shows me the tools of how to do this.
The rest is up to you, in terms of own drive and responsibilty, and this is where you meet your collegues in free dialogues and conversations.

Professionally, I can for sure say the high pace of the studio is impressive, how the core hired people delegates tasks, their time management and resilience in working. I notice how my host is constantly in a flux between the different departments, showing presence. I am still thinking about the secret receipt of this studio’s successfulness within its contributions to the art world, whilst acting truly entrepreneurial, but I think the previously mentioned impressions are definitely a part of it. I am curious to see what the next four months has to bring …

Studio vibes sometimes – Animals as a part of the working culture


Eating together – Sense of Community




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