Hello, my name is Gabriel Tanev. My exchange will be 3 months. The start date was 27.07.2022 and the end date will be 18.10.2022. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interior design because my dream is to develop myself in this field and my interests are entirely on this. I keep trying to develop more and more in this field. I have several years of working experience as an interior designer and I can work with a lot of sketch and model programs.

I decided to participate in this program mainly because in order to develop, I need to develop my creativity, ideas, artistry and knowledge. I believe that experience in a foreign country can bring me exactly these benefits. Moreover, a change of environment and getting out of my comfort zone can develop my perspectives even more.

I chose this host entrepreneur because I felt a connection with him, which for me is key in developing a relationship. I am a person who trusts my instincts and feelings and that guides my choices. Even when we started our first conversation I felt free and I was myself, I shared my ideas and goals, told him what I wanted to get and what I could give in return. Our interests overlapped and that led us together to this exchange.

My arrival in a new country and company was quite dynamic. I was quite nervous at first, searching for the right words to communicate and worried about revealing my potential. Of course, in a few days, after getting to know more about the staff, the host entrepreneur, the company and the activities, I relaxed more. I started participating in meetings with clients, talking to them and now I felt at ease. I know that this is something I am good at, but I also know that there is always more to learn and build on. Now I will be part of host entrepreneur projects, I will be able to show my creativity, knowledge and experience and I will have the opportunity to find out what I need to develop more and work on exactly that. I can’t really relate what I’m experiencing here because it’s something that hasn’t happened to me and it’s just an adventure backed by dedication and motivation to grow.