Greetings from Gran Canaria! I’m thrilled to provide a glimpse into my extraordinary journey as part of the Erasmus Entrepreneur Exchange Program, especially in the context of my involvement in activities at a dynamic watersports center that offers windsurfing, surfing, wingfoiling, and SUP.

I’m Filip, and my fervor for watersports extends beyond the thrill of the activities to the rich cultural connections they forge in various facets of life. Windsurfing, for me, transcends being merely a sport; it embodies a lifestyle and a vibrant community. This passion served as the catalyst for my vision of establishing an active holidays agency specializing in watersports industries. Recognizing the demand for winter adventures within communities keen on these activities during the colder months, I aimed to create a tailored product.

Under the guidance of my host, Michal, a driving force behind a prominent windsurfing school on the island, I’ve found myself among a team of highly skilled individuals who share an unwavering love for watersports and a commitment to spreading that passion. The warm embrace into this community has provided a platform where my insights are valued, and I have the opportunity for genuine personal and professional development.

Whether refining my instructorship skills, crafting effective communication strategies, or elevating my cultural and language proficiency, each day presents unique challenges that contribute to my evolution as a young entrepreneur. The shift in my mindset regarding business operations has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by positivity and newfound confidence. Eager for more challenges, I am poised to give my best in appreciation of the incredible care and support I’ve received. The program has already enriched me immensely, and I am enthusiastic about the exciting journey that lies ahead.




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