I always knew that I want something more from life. I knew that the typical 9-5 life was not for me. I knew that working for someone else’s dreams would never feel natural and satisfy my cravings. This spark of curiosity that fuelled my burning desire to constantly learn, develop and grow, allowed me to go on a long journey of self development, which, so far, has been very eventful and life-changing.

But first, let me take you back to the point where I didn’t even know that the EYE program existed.

Back in 2019 I decided to quit my 9-5 job. It was a big turning point in my life. Leaving the security of a salary and potentially great career opportunities behind seemed like a crazy decision, however I knew that working for someone else’s dreams just wasn’t for me.

This is where I took a step back, left London took the time to reflect, study and explore other opportunities. I tried freelance but that didn’t take me far. I didn’t have enough skills and knowledge to be able to navigate the lonesome entrepreneurial world. I tried many internships and assistant positions in hopes to learn more, but that still wasn’t enough — although I’ve gained the technical skills needed to start a business, I was still lacking the confidence to believe that I can make it on my own and be a successful entrepreneur.

Back then, the world of business looked completely different. There was no need to know everything about building an online company, especially when it comes to local businesses I imagined myself opening one day.

Two years have passed since then and everything turned upside down — businesses went under, industries collapsed and nobody knew what to do, until at some point working from home became a thing and migrating your business from offline to online became a necessity.

That’s when I realised how big of a problem in the world we all face now — so many businesses were not prepared for all these events, and there still is huge a lack in business education, especially when it comes to online media.

With that realisation, I knew that I can’t confidently start building a company without knowing what a successful online entrepreneur should have.

A friend who has participated in the EYE program before suggested I look it up, and luckily I connected with Eveline from The Growth Agency, located in Malta. Seeing how much success they have with their online strategies, I knew that they are everything I needed to develop my skills and that’s why I chose them as my Host Entrepreneur. I was immediately intrigued at how much this opportunity was in alignment with the problem I was trying to solve: lack of digital skills and confidence in building a business.

Building a relationship with Eveline and the team has been a dream so far. The team consists of many people from all around the world – with the main base in Malta, they are collaborating from Indonesia, Poland, Belgium, France and many other countries, and have a mixed working schedule, allowing for constant contact between the team. Malta and the collaboration with the HE seems like the right place to be to learn exactly what I need to build a successful business.

And lastly, to anyone who is thinking of visiting Malta – don’t think too long and book your tickets right now! If working from a beautiful place that feels like a constant holiday and being surrounded by talented, remote working people from all around the world sounds like something you’d love to experience, Malta has all of that and more! 🙂




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