My participating in Erasmus exchange program started on 1st October when I arrived to Corsano, small place in the Province of Lecce. My host, Corrado Russo, director and the owner of travel agency Iria Viaggi, introduced me to the job.
Corrado explained to me about the business process in the agency, about marketing strategy, web tools and incoming tours. He also showed me some of tourism projects in Salento region.
For the last two weeks I’ve been working in the front office, together with Stefania. She is very helpful and a great teacher. Stefania teaches me about the ticket booking system, also how to make offers and organize group tours. Each day in the front office provides new and exciting opportunities whether I’m learning a new things in the front office business, or meeting new clients and also practicing the language.
On my 5th day here, Corrado and I went to the University of Lecce to participate in a workshop “Stati Generali Cultura e Turismo”. I participated in the discussion of sustainability, about the improvement of the conditions and standards of supply and use of heritage in the areas of natural attraction, etc.. That was a very interesting experience. It showed me in some way the problems that Italy is facing when it comes to tourism and sustainability.
The atmosphere in Iria viaggi is very positive. I’m glad to be a part of the team. Beside the job, Corrado and Stefania also help me to adjust easier to the new surroundings.

Darija Matić-Lecce

Workshop “Stati Generali Cultura e Turismo”, University of Lecce





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