I will describe in those few lines what I have performed during the last two weeks at Start Smart stl. In fact, these two weeks was very charged, I have visited two big companies: Magneti Marelli (Bari) & FPT Industrial (Foggia). Thanks to my HE, I presented my first demo mainly to let them know the benefit of the Virtual Reality Application and how it can help Engineers and managers for their researches.

They appreciate this technology, because it’s more immersive comparing with the conventional software. But firstly, they should study the possibility if the VR Application will be required for their future projects.

In another hand, the CNH Industrial (Belonging to FIAT Group) accepted the deal, I visited the site mainly to identify their needs.

They want to perform two VR applications: The first Application simulate the current assembly of an engine. The second simulate the assembly of new components in the same engine. Thus, engineers can compare, test and simulate the possibility of assembling even if they don’t possess a real part. In fact, this is the power of VR, you can manipulate and check your product “n” years before releasing it.

Technically, I’m working on CNH project, the deadline will be at the end of May.

In parallel, I’m developing a realistic virtual environment for an architect. Thus, his customers can interact, navigate and immerge in a virtual house. They can also change the position of different furniture, change color of the wall…etc.

To conclude, during my first month in Lecce, I devote the majority of my time regarding communication. Because, the NE should not only focus his vision on technical stuff, but he need to practice an effective communication with external firm, company…etc. In order to launch and growth a venture and enable it to survive.





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