August is over and all businesses are getting back to normality.
In my previous report, I mentioned I was investigating the process for helping one client company patenting their product. The process is still ongoing, I had few meetings with the management board and I’m waiting for their “go”.
In the meantime, I’m working in order to get ISO 9001 accreditation for the same company, they’re testing the product and aim to launch it by November 2015.

They’re seeking investors and looking for potential clients.

In order to attract investors for the same project, I’ve created and I’ve been populating an excel spreadsheet with relevant figures, gross and net margin and investment requirements mainly.
The team for the coordination of the tourism event is now back on track after summer holidays. We’ve got speakers and we’re in process of inviting attendees.

Another project I have been involved in, resulted instead into a “nothing done”.
I’ve explored all possible ways for getting investments for a client in the field of fitness but none of the potential investors showed any interest in the project.
The capital required is pretty high and the project itself is not that attractive.
I wouldn’t say that was a failure. I’ve learned that the feasibility of a project is to be carefully assessed before deciding whether to take it or not. I’ve also learned not to be afraid to say “no” to some projects and to be fair with my clients if I think from the beginning that the project has very low chances of success.

I’ve started exploring some independent potential projects I can work on after the EYE program is over.  I’m sharing my ideas and also my doubts with my host entrepreneur.

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