My first month in Palma de Mallorca. I’ve been bombarded with a wide range of incentives. I’m in my creative chaos- phase and I’m enjoying it a lot!

In the last two weeks I’ve met all the clients I’ll be developing projects for. They are in technology, tourism, fitness and cosmetic respectively.

Each of them requires a different approach and type of intervention, which means I’ll be developing various competencies and skills, among them Project Management, Public and Private Funding, Business Development and Event coordination.

One of the clients is a start up working in technology innovation. After some months of hard work for setting the company and implementing the technology, the staff is almost ready to beta test the product and they’re currently looking for investors. It’s exciting for me being part of the team and contributing in giving an appealing shape to the product for the market.

I have weekly meetings with Miguel Piñol Alda, owner at OPENPLUS which I’m working at, to catch up on ongoing projects and on my own entrepreneurial one. We review project’s outputs and set new goals for the following week.

Miguel’s an open-minded and flexible entrepreneur, he has a long-term experience, despite his young age.

Activities are progressing smoothly and I start feeling more and more comfortable living in Palma, the multi-face city of Mallorca.

Openplus team





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