Architects’ uses mainly non-verbal languages like drawings, sketches, diagrams, videos, and animations to communicate their work. But if they are asked to explain it in a verbal language, many architects are uncomfortable and many a times are at a loss of words. This Category has been developed to learn why communication skills are important for a business.

Main Categories:

How to communicate with the Clients (communication & Management Skills) 

During the conceptual phase to the completion phase of the project, a lot of communication takes place between clients and architects regarding the design, specifications, contract, construction, material specifications and supply, other legal issues and many more. During the project lifecycle, many meetings between the clients and the architects take place in which many important decisions regarding the development of projects are taken. It is necessary to have effective communication from both the sides so to avoid misunderstanding or conflict in future.

Listening the Others: 

The most common complain of clients is that their architect doesn’t listen to them and tries to impose his/her ideas. Listening is one of the most important skills you can have. Better listening created better understanding. Better understanding creates better relationships. How well you listen has a major impact on your job effectiveness and business goals.

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