The interior design phase proceeds through the creation of small furniture models in which we are testing furniture curves and colors. GlassHouse’s layout of the interior spaces has changed to respond to a new need of the customer to get more space for any family dinners. An experience that is proving very interesting is the use by some colleagues of a software called Unreal Engine. It is a suite of integrated tools for game developers to design and build games, simulations, and visualizations.

Both projects, after 3d modeling, will be import in this new software to create a simulation of circulation in the houses. As a videogame the clients will be able to “walk” inside his future houses and discuss all the details.

A new experience was to participate in the Google design conference SPAN in which Ateljè Sotamaa was called to present their projects. Tuuli and Kivi presented one of the latest project called “Ultima Restaurant” that probably it is the project that more the others embodies their idea of architecture.
The attention to furniture’s details following the rules of perception, the use of lies of sensations are the guides lines of this amazing project where reality and paradoxes shape objects and spaces.

It was a very interesting conference in which inventors and artists met on the themes of technology and the future.




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