Meteorite House has been modeled also in Revit in these two weeks.
Working with the real model and on the computer we defined all the rooms (dimensions and shape) and the technical details about the structure of the first layer.
Thanks to Revit software we will be able to have all the informations about the technical drawings and the price of the building. With this software is posssible obtain a complete table with all the data of the individual pieces.

This system will allow us to give the file directly to the Company for the realization of that building.

The critical points are still the second layer (the skin of the building) and the foundation.
The intention is to make the skin also in wood. This idea, however, brings with it different problems that we need to solve:
1 impermeability to water;
2 junction of the pieces. The junctions must be invisible to ensure the
continuity of the surface;
3 hide the water drainage system
4 connection between the windows and the skin
5 foundation (to discuss with the engineers).

Solved these problems we could start sending technical documents for building permits and start collaborating with Stora Enso Company.




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