This month I have started to work with Tony as a mentor. At the beginning of the month, I’ve worked as a tutor – peer mentor in a five days workshop about video game development. In that experience I worked on the board of trainers, listing the activities both under the aspect of graphic design and mentoring. I worked with a team of practitioners expert in games development and programming and it has been an amazing experience where I gave my competences but I received back a lot as well. For example, I have been introduced to animations, a range of graphic design that I never managed before.

After that seminar, I started to work on two new different European projects both related to facilitating youth in developing social skills through arts or within the sector of the Cultural and Creative Industries. I’ m currently working as a mentor for both the project. One of them is in its pilot phase and in the next weeks I’ll start working using the arts, with young people aged 16-19 in non-formal ways across unconventional spaces, mentoring and facilitating them in the development of key competence of the European Reference Framework, in particular, communication skills and digital competence.

For the second project, I’ve just achieved the researches for the UK reference framework and in the next steps, I’ll work strictly with Tony planning a training for a group of young people aged 16-19 through participatory and inclusive arts-based practices.

In conclusion, this month has been more training and mentoring oriented and I’m very glad to have had the chance to share my knowledge and method within teams of other practitioners expert in distinct but related sectors.




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