The last month of Erasmus was decisive for a more accurate and rational understanding of my business plan. The successful result of the Convention helped me to manage better and every detail events organized by a tattoo business. The experience of bringing the business name into another context of Italy has given me the awareness of how important is the care of professional relationships with other shops, and the creation of profitable collaborations and useful contacts with other artists.

In fact, in the Convention, I had the opportunity to gain experience in terms of public relations, getting to know artists and entrepreneurs of great artistic and professional talent. At the same time I could show the business to clients who were coming from a different geographical and cultural background. By working constantly on the shop manager’s side, I strengthened my business knowledge and became highly responsible. I feel sure now of the work done, which has given me the faculty to manage all kind of responsibilities that relate to the management of a business and events connected to it. During the Convention, I was able to strengthen the accounting experience gained during the first months of the exchange. I was the one who kept the receipts and the outputs under control, and then crammed a final budget, which turned out to be active.

In short, the experience of going to Trieste has been an essential opportunity to put into practice all the lessons received:
– Team managerial management;
– Accounting;
– Promotion and Advertising;
– Public relations;
– Better awareness for a future business plan;
– Ability to face difficult situations and turn them into shared successes.

By the end of the exchange, I can happily say that I feel ready to open my own business. Although there are many skills and competences which I have still to acquire and refine, I think that only the constant practice can close this circle, and allow me to continue to learn.