That's a picture of a maquete, a study scale model of a facade.
The project on going is the multifunctional complex that faces to the sea.
I made this maquete for understandign the relationship between the interior an the exterior. Architecture is the art of the space and the ideation process come from inside to outside and reverse.

In this case my task was to understand how the facade looks like from the exterior.
Working with the maquete is the perfect way to understand that, the architecture you are designing, is going to get the right synthesis. This is the best teaching of Nuno.

It doesn’t matter if the craft activity is consider too slow now-day, the important thing is that, at the end of the process, you can touch and realize what you have thought.

The maquete is also a great tool towards your clients: they can understand immediately the space, the typology (in term of distribution and square meter) and the final configuration of the architecture that you are selling to them.




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