The work is continuing in two parallel phases: the realization of the model and the study of the interior spaces in the digital model.
The first phase is served to show the project idea to the client; the second will be used to get the permission drawing. The most interesting part of the project is related to the construction of the ceiling that has been modeled with different digital software in collaboration with other colleagues. We are experimenting the use of free and sinuous shapes that envelop the whole interior space, becoming structural and functional elements (the fireplace).

This is an interesting formal exercise that involves collaboration with a team of engineers to understand the feasibility of the work and its possible costs. By the customer’s will, the structure must be made entirely of concrete. The free form of the roof will be visible on the outside thanks to a glass-skin. At the same time we are dealing with the realization of the interior. It is a small house for guests and it doesn’t need many rooms. We are focusing our attention more on the relationship between the ceiling and the furniture.

We are also interested in the study of color for the construction of the internal staircase. This is a simple hypothesis that will be verified in the coming weeks and during the next meetings with the client.

The next step will be the realization of the technical draws for the engineers and start working on the second house that is located in the same area. For the second house we are waiting for the customer’s decision on the timing of implementation.




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