Next two weeks with 13genius.. this time was pretty hard for me as we were focusing more on my company and its strategy. I ended up with some conclusions and not all what I previously though was a good direction. We were discussing my current strategy and mission of my company. I realised that it will be hard to reach a next level until I will change my strategy.

I don’t really have specialisation in one filed or industry and that’s way it is hard to build real value. We also discussed current services which I serve and its profitability. I started to work on a new offer which more focuses on software development and website creation as it is more profitable. The challenge here for me will be to create such offer which could be served on a monthly basis and not only paid for a project to keep financial liquidity.

We also started to prepare the new product on which we will be working together.
Right now I do more research about this project, to later prepare an offer and send it to companies. It is related to chatbots and using it as a marketing and/or learning tool in companies.

By far mr Marcos helped me to create a job offer, as we will need a specialised programmer to create a chatbot who is good in javascript.
We were working on who is needed to the project what skills must this person have and we created a role model.
It is a lot of work ahead but I can’t wait to the results.




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