The second month of my EYE program in Seville is gone. It was a very busy month in the clinic, where I had the opportunity to study and deepen the nutritional aspects underlying the different beauty treatments.

I’m learning a lot. The main objective in the clinic is to work in a cohesive way with the common goal: the well-being of the person in all aspects concerning beauty, health and harmony. The connection between dietetics and clinical nutrition is fundamental for the daily research activity. During these weeks we have developed a feeding program based on the needs of the individual person.
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4978,4979,4980,4981,4982,4983,4984″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never”] I’m using a software for processing personalized diets according to individual patient needs. The main purpose of my study is to detect the nutritional requirements and to undertake the analysis of basal metabolism, energy expenditure and body composition. I did the work under the constant supervision of the clinic nutritionist who followed me at every stage and helped me get the job done. The collaboration with Dr. Pagano and his working group represents an incredible opportunity for my professional growth.

In this second month I continued to know and admire Seville. The days get warmer and longer. The main thing that has fascinated me in this city and is the light: a warm, soft, golden light that covers everything. Usually in the evening for dinner it is wonderful to be carried away by the culture of tapas bars: cheap prices, quality and variety in a sparkling and cheerful atmosphere.

The mix of different cultures that have intersected and alternated in the city has left a fascinating and unique architectural heritage.
The joy and vitality of people on the streets make Seville an incredible city where it is impossible not to be charmed by its beauty.




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