March : busy month for artists !!

Once per year, the artists of Langeland organise the Open Door of the workshops during the weekend of Påske (easter). It is a cultural course open to everybody.
The visitors will get a map of the island where they can find on it all the places to visit.
Mostly are the artists who open their workshops but there are also people who host exhibitions in their houses.
The course begins usually in the Rudkøbing museum, but this year it will be in the exhibition hall in Tullebølle.
In this exhibition hall, there will be all the new creations made especially for the commun exhibition.
Good to know that the artists of Langeland create a new installation every year for this course.

My month of march is very busy with the new creation: with Sabine we are building a ‘Wish tree’. We have been inspired from Yoko Ono tree but also from a wish tree I saw in the park of my city, Marmande, years ago.
Of course we adapted the tree into our competences and field of work. With Sabine we are both passioned by mixing materials that´s why our création is completely a fusion of natures: Wood and metal!
The structure of the tree is a real tree; we saved an old cherry tree from his final destiny. The cherry tree is very beautiful, the wood inside has a very worm red color.
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4566,4567,4568,4569,4570″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”250″ height=”250″ title=”never”] On the tree, we will hang the wishes, collected from all around the World. The special thing of our tree is that the wishes are not printed on normal paper.
We have made the ribbons in copper, then we used the enamel on it to make the surface white and clean to be printed on. The last step was the transfer; the technic we used to write all the wishes. For the second (enamel) and the thirth step (transfer) the ribbons are burned in the oven at 800 degrees. This temperature burn away all the trashes and keep the letters indelible and make the copper very red where there is no enamel.
The structure is cut in two parts: one on the tree, which will stay in the workshop and the second is just a branch. Cupiditetum. The branch will take part of the commun exhibition for one week.

It is very exciting to work on this project; also because it will be the first time that something I did, will be public.
Otherwise, in all this work we dont forget the shop. Sabine has many costumers orders, and it seems difficult to menage few intense activities in the same time.
Sabine also showed me a software she use to facilitate the countings. It is an excel document split in categories of work: Time used to work on something, material, taxes and profit. It is very simple to use and really usefull to make the right prices.
The Lifestyle is very quiet. People seems happy and they really enjoy the Time spendt together, maybe that´s why the Hygge belong to the danish culture.
Now the spring is coming, so, i am lucky that i can enjoy the sea sunset even from my room.




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