During the second month in Factoria Cultural, I started working on a series of very interesting projects. These projects, which I will discuss shortly, have allowed me to deepen the theme of the CCIs both at the Spanish level and at the European level. It is a very current theme today, as well as a field with many potentials for growth and innovation.

The first project I worked on concerned a proposal that Factoria Cultural has proposed to the municipality of Alicante. The business model suggested to the Alicante municipality, recalls the model developed in the last 4 years here in Madrid, which has shown high scalability and sustainability. The project, very interesting, started from an analysis of the European context, to narrow the circle to the local context in which this hub could be implemented. I arrived here at the company when the project was already written, but I had to prepare the presentation that was held in Alicante in front of press and entrepreneurs. This immediately allowed me to study a strong business model and its practical implementation as well as deepen the European CCIs context. The thing that amazed me was about the attention of the public towards this fast-growing sector.[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4480,4481,4482,4483,4484,4485″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”250″ height=”250″ title=”never”]

The second project allowed me to play an active role in the conception and writing phases. It was about writing a research project in the field of CCIs that was then presented to the European Commission. Among the 13 partners involved, there are the Bruno Kessler Foundation (project leader), the Milan Polytechnic, ELIA, Prognos, ECBN: all leaders in the research sector and in the CCIs. I worked on the FC tasks definition and a little on the main structure of the proposed idea. It was a race against the clock but it was worth it to deal with the main players in the sector at a European level.

Finally, I collaborated, albeit to a lesser extent, in writing two Erasmus projects, with other European consortiums.

As mentioned earlier, these projects have given me the opportunity to deepen the European ecosystem: the differences between the various countries, the virtuous examples of policy making and the growing attention to this sector: at European level, regional and local level.




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