This second month I learned even more than the first one , something I thought would be almost impossible. We have dedicated almost all the time to the creation and development of a service within the organization (EffectivePlanning), so I have been able to see and really perform all the steps to follow in the creation of a new business.

This new service aims to help other companies in the creation and realization of projects financed with the European funds.

For the moment, I am doing the communication and marketing part. My role this month has been to create a graphic material that we will later publish in social networks and on the organization’s website for the diffusion in the market of the new service and the acquisition of new clients.

I have used new programs that I did not know before like Canva or Shutterstock, with which I have learned to create graphic material such as infographics, brochures, graphic boxes for Instagram or Facebook…
Also, the organisation gave me a possibility of studying an online course on how to create a new business, where I have learned concepts and basic notions such as market analysis, the search for needs and resources, the marketing part or the creation of a newsletter to attract new customers.

Along with these activities, I have to add one that I enjoy the most: “Fit For Kids”. I have continued during this month participating in this project aimed at reducing children’s obesity and increasing physical activity among them.
I especially like it because I love working with children and doing sports, so I could summarize that it is a perfect activity to forget about the problems and also to enjoy this experience in another way.

Also from here I am drawing some conclusions that, since anger focused on the childhood sector, it could help me in my future business.

As for my personal experience, I am taking the opportunity to travel through northern Italy and visit new places in my host city, Milan. And what about Italy! Well that does not stop surprising me and hallucinating me with the amount of places and monuments that it offers.

It is undoubtedly an experience that I would repeat over and over again, because besides being an activity of professional growth, it is also a great experience in which it helps to grow a lot personally, at least in my case.

In addition, and to conclude, I would like to thank for all the support and help that I am receiving from the l’orma team, because they are really giving me a lot of information and advice for the creation of my future business and they are making me learn in a dynamic and fun way, something I have honestly never expected to be like that.






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