June is gone and now I have one only month left.
This month we’ve been busy in implementing some projects we’ve won.
Most of them involve secondary school and some university. There will be a lot of scholar groups in the next months coming a training EU funds and we’re preparing all the logistic needs and the accomodations.
We also planned the training lessons and the visits. I managed the mailing lists and I contacted the participants.
That’s a lot of work! But it’s funny and it helps to improve timing management and coordiantion skills.
Moreover we had 4 interns working at the office. I was in charge in tutoring them, so I panned an activity programme for each one and I will follow them until the end of the internship.
One of the most interesting project we’ve been following is about Social Economy and Social Enterpises. The aim of the project is to collect a list of best practicies in this sector, and create an european network.
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 5116,5117,5118,5119″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never”] There are a lot of partners coming from different countries and every one has a specific task in the implementation and dissemination steps of the project. We’re now involved in the implementation phase and my company is in charge to plan the training programme concerning the EU funds for the Social Enterprises and more in general for Non Profit and For Profit entities.
This kind of project are perfect to get to know people from all over the Europe. In fact, I will have the chance to meet talented young participants from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Sweden exc..
During the weekends I went to Knokke to enjoy the time with a friend and I had relaxing time at the parks in Brussels.
I also watched the football match cheering for Belgium since Italy it’s out! It was fun seeing belgians involved and hoping for their football team. They party a lot!
We will see for the final matches!




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