My EYE has just completed and soon I will go back to Italy, happy with this important and unique experience.
I really enjoyed my time with the Yorkstorks team and it was lovely to experience the independent midwife’s life in all of its aspects.
So much travelling around the Yorkshire, so many visits and I will have a record of every woman and baby I knew.
I now understand more closely the benefits of independent midwifery practice in terms of contiinuity of care, personalised care and women centred care.
I improved my self employed capacity in terms of awareness of my knowledge, skills and capacities and I learnt the importance of having a team to work with.


The Erasmus was important to understand how to manage self-employed work but mostly it was a life experience, I met so many people with different backgrounds before to become a midwife, in fact during the life there is always the opportunity to change and to realise our own dreams.

I had my first opportunity to be a citzen of world and thinking to live without borders and I hope to continue my working and personal exchange when I will be in Italy, ready to leave and come back again bringing all I can learn.
During my Erasmus I received a lot of inputs as for example the idea to bring together artists and birth workers to reimagine maternity in an original way and to promote birth as a positive experience in birth groups.
Now I am enthusiastic and motivated to share this my experience with my Italian colleagues and to build something together.

I think I will realize better what has been this experience for me when I will have the time to stop thinking about my job. I hope really to do my best for the mothers and babies of my Region.

Thank you to Sharyn (first to right), Chris, Claire, Debs and Nikki and to all the midwives I knew during the Erasmus.




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