During the 17th and the 18th week (from the 10th of July to the 20th of July) the supervisor introduced me the topic of time management and we had the occasion to speak about the investments of an architecture office.

  • Time management.

The supervisor explained me which is their method of managing the time. For an architect is really important to:
– Control the stress
– Respect the deadline
– Do not finish the work last minute. It is always important to look at the elaborates more than once.

One other important aspect is to understand how much time needs an office for each project phases and for the other general topics as marketing and other technical organized topics.

During the last week, we had the occasion to speak about the investments and to speak about taking care of an office big as this one.

  1. How can someone understand how many people are necessary to work in the office?
  2. How can someone understand how much they can get as salary without any risks for the office?
  3. How much should an office invests for the team, for the projects and many others? How can it understand that?

The lasts two weeks have been also a real occasion to speak about general topics and to answer to spontaneous questions . This experience has been for me really productive and thanks to the kindness of the people that are working there, I learnt a lot not only from my supervisor but also from the team and I am sure that I showed them a different world, speaking about architecture nowadays in Italy.

  • Future Collaborations.

At the end of our experience we didn’t exclude some possible future collaborations. We enjoy                                the time togheter and we learn a lot one from the other.




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