During the 15th and the 16th week (from the 26th of June to the 9th of July) the supervisor decided to speak about marketing.

In an architectural office, nowadays, it is every day more important to be known and make a real brand from the office. It is important that the office is not recognized only by their building but also by their brand value.

It is important to recognize what the office can offer and to sell in a good way these services.

  • The importance of the brand.

The office should create a real brand, they should be active in the social network and they should be able to sell their services thanks to the quality of their projects but also thanks to their brand.

  • The importance of the organization of the brand.

The office should also invests in their brand. It is not only advertisement but it is also real marketing. They should analyze the competitors and the market in which they want to take part and they should think about a real plan. Which are the important aspects to take in considerations?

  1. The market
  2. The budget
  3. The market Research, Gap Analysis
  4. The plan


  • The importance of choosing a good Public relation Agency.

The PR has a really important role on the marketing process. We had the occasion of speak about how much is the PR important and which are the activities that he/she should do.




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