During the 11th and the 12th week (from the 29th of May to the 11th of June) the supervisor has introduced me to the third and last building phase in the Austrian system. The  goal of these two weeks was to understand the process of a building phase in Austria in comparison with the Italian system analyzing the positive and negative aspects of both country.

  • Ausfuhrung Planung.

During this phase, the project is developed until the end, including also the building phase.

General information.

  1. Who is involved in this phase?
  2. Which are the main goal to achieve in this phase?
  3. Which are the public office involved?
  4. How long does this phase take?


  1. How is possible to organize this building phase?
  2. Which are the difficulties?
  3. How many people are involved in this process?
  4. During this phase, the office decides which material in details will be used for the building. How is the best way to choose a material?
  5. During this phase, there will be a intensive collaboration between architects and engineers. How is this collaboration organized?

 During this period, I had the experience to work directly in a project during this phase, understanding how it is necessary to organize the project in this phase. We discussed about this phase in Italy and in Austria understanding the process in all its aspects. At the same time we had the occasion to discuss about the importance of building something that will stay in a city forever. We discussed also the differences between the approach of building in Italy and in Austria and the differences between Italian material and Austria material.




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