During the weeks 9 and 10 of the exchange I was working mainly on the Dordrecht project. It was a residential project continued in the office since some time, and in the end of December there was a deadline for its conceptual presentation. At some point the whole team was working on it. As my colleagues previously had worked on the project, there were already developed: an urban scheme, a form, chosen materials and a sketch of the floorplans.

First my HE wanted to focus on the renderings – as the representation is very important in these kinds of projects. It was a team effort which worked quite effectively – one person was doing he renderings from a 3D software, and at the same time other people could improve the views in Photoshop. It was a good experience of a harmonious teamwork. Finally three visualizations were created, with attention in keeping the same style and atmosphere.

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In the tenth week I was working on the floorplans. It was quite a technical task, so different from the ‘artistic’ visualisations. I learned about the Dutch building law regarding fire escapes, balconies size etc. It was intensive work with many changes implemented

In this week also there started to be a Christmas atmosphere in the office, with lights and small gifts exchanged on the 5th of December, a Dutch holiday.






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