Hello to everyone, here from Kozani ready to recount the good experiences of the last two weeks!
Me and Nikos spent this period in the field in Epanomi, close to the cost of Halkidiki, mostly organizing and arranging the apiaries to the winter coming.

We collected same honeycombs in order to correspond the winter smaller number of bees with the number of honeycombs, after that we looked for apiaries that contain small quantity of honey and we added there same of the previously honeycombs collected so that the bees have enough sustenance for the winter.
After that we froze the remain ones in the warehouse in Kozani in order to have them ready in the spring time when the apiaries will be again full of bees and they will need lots of honey for their nutrition.

Furthermore we positioned the apiaries in the adapt way to survive in the winter that means to be the door in direction sud/west and also to move them more high in the hill in order to avoid the valley` s humidity.
The sugar paste we put the previous week finished and so we have put again other half kilogram in each apiary.
Moreover we noticed that bees from different apiaries were fighting in order to take honey and sugar paste from the next apiary, this one in the apiculture work is a big problem that need a fast solution because if the bees continue to fight they can kill each other in very big quantity.
That’s why we closed the small holes in the apiary’s cover, we reduced the entrance of the apiary by adding a small tape and we payed attention to don`t open apiaries close each other.
After that Nikos showed me how to change an old apiary with a new one, and so how to manage all the bees to enter in the new apiary.

Finally we did the beehives inspection and we noticed the presence of several dead bees totally black that means they were poisoned, for this reason we will make a control in order to solve the problem.

Appointment to the next report!




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