The experience is continuing and the knowledge are improving as my mood, I am satisfied of my work abroad! In the beginning of this weeks we transferred the apiaries from the cost of Halkidiki, where the bees were taking pollen from the pines that cover all this area, to the mountain area close to Polygyros where in this period the plant Erica Verticilata is rich of flowers and pollen.

Unfortunately during the month of September it had a lot of wind and for this reason the bees didn’t manage to collect a good quantity of pollen and so neither to produce enough honey; that’s why we had to transfer the apiaries earlier than expected.
In October the bees are tired and weak because in all the summer have worked and produced honey that’s why in the next period our job will be to help their reproduction in order to increase the number of bees in each apiary and be more ready to stand the winter. For this reason we put inside each apiary half kilogram of sugar paste that will help the bees in the alimentation and so in the reproduction; important information is that this kind of sustenance will not appear in the final honey.

Furthermore in this period Nikos learnt me to recognize in which flowers and plants is more easy for the bees to collect pollen and also described me all the possible metereological condition that help or damage the apiculture; as I said before the wind stops the collection of pollen as the storm and big rain, instead small rain are important because make the pollen more easy to be picked up.

Finally we did the beehives inspection and we found some deads Acari Varroa attached to the small adhesive we put in the entrance of the apiary in order to kill detrimental acarus; furthermore we saw several deads bees just out of some apiaries but because the number was smaller than 20 we didn`t apply any therapy. Appointment to the next report!




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